Additional balconies

We make self stendeing balconies tailored to the customer's needs and the building type. Each structure is independent, based on its own foundations, thanks to which they do not affect the wall crackings (in case of older buildings) and allows you to avoid a ‘thermal bridge’. It can also be attached to the facade of the building. This solution is used in old buildings without balconies, in old large-panel buildings, where balconies were too small for their inhabitants, and in modern energy-saving buildings, where such a solution minimizes heat loss.

Solid construction

All balconies are made of steel, hot-dip galvanized and powder coated in a color selected from the RAL palette. Zinc coating and varnish protect the structure against weather conditions and corrosion and protect it for several dozen years. The floor of the balcony can be openwork or solid.



Fashionable and stylish Gal Industrial loft furniture is distinguished by its design and finish. Made of steel they perfectly fit into the trend of minimalism. The furniture fits in the modern arrangement of home interiors, offices, a restaurants and hotels. We create single elements and entire series.

We make: chairs, tables and coffee tables, shelves or totally individual constructions according to the design.


We manufacture individual elements and sets. Gal Industrial furniture fits e.g. for private gardens and terraces, gastronomic gardens, hotel and office terraces. Garden furniture is made of hot-dip galvanized steel and powder coated in a color selected from the RAL palette. The furniture is resistant to weather conditions and corrosion. They are distinguished by a long service life and aesthetic finish. We have ready-made models that can be adapted to customer requirements and we carry out individual orders according to original designs.

We make: chairs, tables, benches, benches, deckchairs, hearths, individual constructions according to the design.


We make stairs that are not only functional and stable, but also aesthetic. We have ready-made patterns that we modify according to the needs of investors or we carry out orders according to individual projects. We put safety and quality in the first place.



The listed types of stairs are made in an internal or external version. Our offer also includes balustrades that can be installed on existing stairs, e.g. stone or wooden - in individual buildings as well as entire housing estates.


Modern fences must be durable, solid, but also elegant and they must matching the style of the building and surroundings. It is the „business card” of the owner, and in the case of larger projects - the entire estate. Depending on the client's needs, the fence can be very high and built-in to protect his privacy or low and openwork to show a beautiful garden and optically enlarge its area. At Gal Industrial, we understand the needs of our customers, this is why we offer a wide range of fencing types and styles.



Forged and modern fences can be mounted to a ready brick foundation. We also offer the service of installing concrete fencing and panel fencing.


We offer internal and external railings. Gal Industrial balustrades are designed for installation on balconies, staircases, mezzanines, terraces, loggias. Each construction meets safety standards and is made to individual customer orders, thanks to which it is ideally suited to the final assembly location.


Of steel


The choice of balustrade should depend on the style of the building and the place of installation. In the case of monuments and old buildings, it is worth considering the choice of a metal balustrade, the appearance of which can be adapted to the façade or a replica of a destroyed or no longer existing railing (e.g. based on photos and preserved documentation). Stainless and glass balustrades are willingly installed in modern and modernized buildings. Their great advantages are minimalistic appearance and universality.


The roof over the terrace is a convenient and practical solution that allows you to stay outdoors regardless of the weather. The roof will protect you from getting wet and will provide shade on a hot day. It increases the comfort of living and the value of the house, which is why it is often included in development projects.


Garden Canopies

Door Canopies


The roofing offered varies in appearance, size, materials and style of workmanship. Their size and style are adapted to the amount of space and the appearance of the building. We also offer ready-made stylistic versions and various types of fillings. Each structure is made to individual order, so the parameters can be modified according to the investor's needs. The Gal Industrial roofing can be quickly transformed into a winter garden.

How do we do it

In the production of the roof, we use galvanized steel, stainless steel and aluminum. Thanks to the materials used, the construction is resistant to weather conditions and corrosion. The roof is covered with solid or cellular polycarbonate.